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Hurricane HuntersHURRICANE HUNTING AIRCRAFT: An Illustrated History of Airborne Hurricane Reconnaissance and Research Aircraft

Hurricane Hunting Aircraft is the definitive history of aircraft utilized in tropical cyclone (Hurricane, Typhoon or Cyclone) reconnaissance and research efforts since World War II. The book includes little known or unknown aircraft employed by US Military organizations and US government agencies as well as those flown by various international operators around the world.

This publication further describes the little known (actual) development history of Hurricane Hunting, the technological advancements made over the past 60 years and for the first time, stories of people, projects (some secret) and operations that has led to our understanding of tropical cyclones. The book will also relate various milestones in the history of flying hurricanes and look at what’s in store in the future.

A must have book for the aviation enthusiast and the general public alike.

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Hurricane Hunters


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